Lost Time Is Never Found Again!

Do you ever feel like you can't get to the important things or can't finish the task at hand because of constant distractions?

The labels "time thieves" and "time-wasters" can give the false impression that we are being robbed of time by things or circumstances beyond our control. On the other hand, time thieves are inextricably linked to us, our attitude, proactivity, and consistency. Certain situations, people, and, most likely, ourselves can steal our time.

Making a list of time thieves is an excellent way to get a head start in the fight against them. Try to find your thieves too. Use the template with a list of the most common ones. You'll have a clear overview and can start working on phasing them out.

What will help you:

1. an overview of your time thieves

2. the risk time thief

3. tools

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